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What makes MMC different from other VCs is our commitment to going deeper - on the technologies we are investing in, and on the partnerships we build with the entrepreneurs applying them. The most exciting ventures today are exploiting complex, emerging tech to fundamentally change or invent categories.

Although we invest in a broad range of businesses and sectors, what unites the founders we back is the depth of their thinking and approach: rewiring the fundamentals of a category, rebuilding infrastructure, developing enabling tech to transform other businesses, or mining hard-to access data for economic advantage.

These companies are the ones making the most radical changes at the core, which in turn has the most transformational impact in the market.

“The MMC team went deep on our business and space, and moved with conviction and speed - it quickly became obvious they were the right partner for us. Since then Mina has added value every step of the way, helping us drive the business and successfully raise further capital.” Rahul Powar, CEO and co-founder, Red Sift

Digging deeper: emerging technologies

We have built an uncommon understanding of some of the emerging technologies that will reshape our economy over the coming decade. We conduct detailed research in-house at MMC, which has been cited and reported hundreds of times around the world (and other VCs tell us they use it themselves!).

Selection of MMC research

Digging deeper: business models and playbooks

Our research takes us into the offices, labs, and minds of each sectors’ leading thinkers and practitioners. We use that network to offer accessible, step-by-step guides to emerging technologies, business models, and functions. Our portfolio companies get direct access to thought leaders and our peer learning network.

“MMC’s domain knowledge and network made it an easy decision for us when looking to choose the best investor for Snowplow.” Alex Dean, CEO and co-founder, Snowplow Analytics

Digging deeper: leaders

AI is among today's most important enabling technologies. Across two series, MMC's 'Beyond The Hype: AI' podcast digs deeper into the practical realities of AI with the people and companies transforming today's industries.

All episodes of Beyond the Hype: AI available here.

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