17th Jun 2020

SLAMcore raises $5 million to meet growing demand for robotics

We're excited to be backing Owen and the team at SLAMcore again as they raise this capital to meet the increasing interest in the robotics market, which has seen demand skyrocket due to Covid-19.

SLAMcore has seen a spike in demand from companies looking to apply robotics with enquiries for early access to its Spatial AI SDK up 50%. The pandemic has increased interest in robots, drones, and artificial intelligence, as these technologies can help deal with staff shortages and social distancing rules in healthcare, manufacturing and supply chains. Ground robots are already being used throughout China to spray disinfectant in hospitals and trains, and to allow doctors to test patients for Covid without any physical contact. Large-scale roll-out of robots is still limited despite demand as companies struggle to overcome the number one cause of robotic failure; lack of spatial understanding.

“Even before the crisis, SLAMcore was engaged in many conversations with companies - big and small - who needed a better way to solve spatial intelligence issues in robotics. Especially across sectors such as drones, robots, and AR/VR, the coronavirus pandemic has lit the touch-paper and we are primed to meet exploding demand. In the past few weeks alone, we have seen a huge spike in enquiries as robotics companies want fast solutions to get their robots to market sooner.” Owen Nicholson, Founder & CEO, SLAMcore

To reach their full potential, robots and drones require spatial intelligence, including the ability to accurately calculate their position, understand unfamiliar surroundings, and navigate with consistent reliability. SLAMcore offers Spatial AI solutions designed to easily integrate into existing platforms, allowing robotics companies to concentrate on delivering value to the end customer.

“We are very excited by the advancements in next generation software platforms used to drive the future of robotics. The ability to locate and map in real-time is still unsolved in the vast majority of autonomous designs. Therefore, affordable SLAM delivered as-a-service at scale is fundamental to unlocking the adoption of self-driving robots across all indoor and outdoor applications including agriculture, warehousing and last-mile delivery.” Mina Samaan, Principal, MMC

Deep deeper into how SLAMcore helps robots, drones, and other autonomous entities to navigate their environment via VentureBeat.

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