24th Mar 2021

MMC backs Ribbon in £200k pre-seed round

We're delighted to be backing the Ribbon team alongside Next Round Ventures.

Ribbon was founded by Axel Thomson. Axel was previously a product manager at MMC portfolio company, Gousto, where he worked with the product and growth teams.

“We're building Ribbon around one core belief about how to do best-in-class user research: Context matters. If we can help product managers, designers and researchers understand the context their products are being used in, they will understand how to improve them for the better.” Axel Thomson, CEO and Founder

One of the key traits of great modern product teams is the ability to put the needs of the user at the center of the product decisions they make. But in reality, it's often hard to know what our users think, and continuously doing user research, and user interviews specifically, is incredibly time-consuming. Teams will often spend days setting up interviews, resulting in a slow feedback loop that slows down product development and experimentation. Alternatively, product teams seek solace in quantitative data from analytics platforms such as Amplitude and Mixpanel, which only give insight into how users have used their products once they've been shipped.

Simply, product teams are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Either they have to rely on quantitative data that doesn't help you understand why your users do what they do, or they have to spend days setting up interviews manually every time you want to talk to one of their users.

Ribbon offers a third approach, helping companies start user interviews in about the same time it takes to order a ride through Uber. Users install the Ribbon widget on their websites, and can then recruit and do video interviews with their own users from any point in their own product straight through the Ribbon platform.

“Despite being recognised as one of the most valuable tasks in the product development process, teams often struggle to conduct user research with consistency at scale. We’re excited about the role well-tooled research teams have in the future of software and feature-development, and believe Axel and the Ribbon team have the vision to create a new standard in scalable user research and empirical, customer-led product improvement.” Dele Akinyemi, MMC Ventures

Read more on the Ribbon story via TechCrunch.

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