Oliver Richards


Ollie co-leads MMC's investment team and sits on the Investment Committee. He leads early stage investments at Seed and Series A and manages a portfolio that includes a range of transformative technology businesses in fintech and B2B enterprise SaaS. Ollie led MMC's investments into Yulife, Snowplow, Copper and TreasurySpring and recent investments into his portfolio including Safeguard Global and Peak AI.

He is passionate about the future of finance - in particular, across the insurance value chain, capital markets infrastructure, financial wellbeing and advice, and the role of of digital assets - and the value creation potential of new technologies. Ollie also leads MMC's circular economy investments and is passionate about finding technology businesses that move us all towards a more sustainable future.

Ollie has a broad range of operational experience in originating, acquiring and leading technology businesses. Prior to MMC he was part of the core team that grew Monitise from less than 100 to over 1,400 people, in three years; he ran separate P&Ls as business units within the parent and completed six acquisitions before the business was sold to the US software giant Fiserve.

Ollie started his career at Deloitte where he ran commercial due diligence and strategy consulting engagements across a broad range of industries, with a focus on financial services. He received his M.B.A. with distinction from Columbia Business School and London Business School through a joint degree programme.

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