Dan Bailey


Dan advises us on enterprise SaaS and cloud infrastructure, combining VC and operating experience in the space.

Dan is passionate about the evolution of the enterprise software stack. He believes two of the biggest shifts in software since the turn of the century have been the emergence of the public cloud and the rise of open-source software.

Having spent five years as an investor in our team, Dan joined a fast-growth enterprise SaaS business in 2020. He continues to advise MMC and our portfolio companies on technology trends, companies and scaling up - combining his VC background with an operational point-of-view.

Areas of particular interest for Dan include cloud native infrastructure and DevOps, DataOps and Automation.

Which technologies do you think will have the most transformative impact in the next 10 years?

I think the dominance of the public cloud and the rise of open-source software are trends that will persist and dictate the next ten years as well, but with more emphasis being placed on a shift to a hybrid model that extends the cloud that enables more workloads to be executed at the edge of the network.

Aside from that, AI is reaching an exciting level of maturity. I believe (and hope) we will see a deployment phase of AI in the next decade, that will have profound impacts across both technology and traditional industries.

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