14th Jun 2018

The Customer Service Playbook

How your early stage company can deliver world-class customer service.

Technology is transforming customer service

Principles for customer service – the provision of assistance and advice by companies to their customers – are well established. Technological advances, however, are transforming the industry and customer expectations.

Glass screens, which once separated customers from in-store service agents, are being replaced with touch screens connecting smartphone users with chatbots powered by artificial intelligence.

Today, customers demand a fast, personalised experience in their communication channel of choice. When asking about a product or service, 66% of consumers expect a same-day response to their query.

Our Customer Service Playbook provides customer service managers at early stage companies with a blueprint for success. We draw on discussions with industry-leading managers, collectively responsible for 3,000 agents, to offer best practices in areas ranging from structuring and managing your team to leveraging artificial intelligence and outsourcing.

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