The world’s first fully flexible sharing economy platform for children’s toys.

First Year of Investment 2020
Investment Status Current

Whirli is a fully managed retail service for children's toys. Starting from just £9.99 per month, parents can choose toys from a wide range of categories and brands including Le Toy Van, Melissa & Doug, Fisher Price, VTech, Micro Scooters and many more.

Toys can be played with for as long as they are wanted and can be returned to Whirli to be swapped at any time. Any toy that is kept for 8 months can be kept forever, at no extra cost. Or can be bought from Whirli at any time for a less-than-retail price.

By borrowing, parents are getting far better value for money, reducing their environmental footprint, and their children are getting more varied playtime and child development opportunities.

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