Senseye is a leader in predictive maintenance software.

First Year of Investment 2017
Type of Investment Early Stage
Investment Status Exited
Year of exit 2022
Investment Lead Simon Menashy

Senseye's cloud-based solution helps manufacturers to avoid downtime and reduce maintenance costs by automatically identifying machine failure.

Senseye has developed machine learning algorithms which, when fed with data from hundreds or thousands of robots and other machines in an industrial facility, can predict which ones are likely to fail and when - sometimes weeks or months in advance. This allows maintenance teams to target their efforts, focusing on potential problem areas and heading off problems before they go seriously wrong.

Customers can benefit from up to a 40% reduction in maintenance costs, as well as lowering unplanned downtime by up to 50%. The product requires no additional hardware or customisation, meaning it can be installed quickly and benefits realised almost immediately.

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