Brave Bison

Base79 was an online media company creating global audiences for video content which subsequently rebranded to BraveBison.

First Year of Investment 2010
Investment Status Exited
Year of exit 2014

MMC spent four years helping Base79 grow into one of Europe’s leading online video companies before concluding a sale to Rightster Group in July 2014. As part of the sale, MMC retained shares in the combined business, which subsequently rebranded to BraveBison.

BraveBison works with brands, creators and platforms to produce, distribute and monetise video for the digital world.

The business has a combined audience of 138+ million followers through its online communities and works with brands including P&G, Land Rover, LEGO and Uniqlo.

“Bruce is the boss of MMC Ventures which, in my opinion, is the best VC in the UK. Not just because they were the main investor in Base79 but because of the way they operate and their ethos. They are really active, actually supportive of founders and their business and so very important to the UK start up scene.” Richard Mansell, Founder, Base79 - July 2020
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