Peer Learning Network

There are more than 75 companies from Pre-seed to Growth stage within the MMC portfolio, many of whom have been through the journey of proof-of-concept to £100m+ revenue. With upwards of 5000 employees within the portfolio, MMC wanted to create a way to pass on skills and experience to help future teams grow.

How it works:

After signing-up as Mentors or Mentees, the platform uses AI to generate matches based on common areas of expertise, interests, and personality traits.

As a Mentor:

  • Answer a few questions about your skills and the field in which you can offer help
  • Accept or decline a mentoring request if you don't think the match is right
  • Share feedback with your mentee and get accreditation
  • Access the Learning Hub to explore mentoring best practice

As a Mentee:

  • Answer a few questions about what you would like to improve or gain experience in
  • Get matched with three Mentors based on your answers
  • Book in a time to chat with your preferred Mentor
  • Log-in sessions and leave notes
  • Set goals and monitor your progress

Why you should use it:

The MMC Peer Learning Network was created to help our community learn from and grow with each other. The Network can offer opportunities to:

  • Connect with someone from outside your organisation to share ideas with and who can give you honest, unbiased feedback.
  • Help teach someone else through the experiences you have gained while developing your leadership skills and expanding your network.
  • Learn valuable skills from someone outside your organisation, with a tailored agenda to focus on areas that would most benefit you and maximise impact from the programme.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the programme in more detail, please email or

Mentoring has been an incredibly fulfilling experience for me. It feels great to know that I'm spending my time helping others to build great products that better the world! The learning for me as a mentor has been invaluable and I would highly recommend other tech leaders seeking to develop their leadership skills to pursue external coaching. Huge thanks to Lucci and MMC for providing the opportunity! Hao, Gousto
Particularly for me, being the sole product owner at Pact, it's been really useful having someone else within the product sphere to bounce ideas off of and discuss approaches. It's also been useful comparing notes across our two businesses in terms of responding to increased demand during covid etc. Sophie, Pact
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