27th Jul 2022

RPA Supervisor raises $20M Series A

We are proud to participate in RPA Supervisor's $20M Series A round, having first backed the team in September 2021.

Intelligent automation is currently utilized by global enterprises that seek to streamline operations by eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks to improve productivity and accuracy, allowing employees to focus on more strategic work. When economic uncertainty looms, such benefits become increasingly attractive as organizations are expected to do more with less.

RPA Supervisor adds advanced monitoring and orchestration capabilities to an enterprise's automation tools, bringing operational resilience to these mission-critical technologies and enabling companies to adopt automation with higher confidence and speed.

The platform has been deemed a “game-changer” and a “must have” by a growing number of brands, including Sysco Foods, VMO2, Medscheme, E.ON and Newell Brands.

“Enterprises come to us to reduce costs and improve overall efficiency, but they quickly realize that’s merely scratching the surface of the value and competitive advantage created when you align desired business outcomes with fully integrated automation operations. ” Erik Lien, CEO and Co-Founder, RPA Supervisor

This latest investment – coming just nine months after their initial seed round - will fuel RPA Supervisor’s expansion in the US market and accelerate its mission to propel the role of intelligent automation in achieving successful digital transformation.

If you want to learn more about why MMC invested in 2021, click here.

“We’re excited to be backing Erik and this impressive team again. The ROI for clients to increase efficiency and cost savings is clear, but the real magic is in the scaling potential RPA Supervisor unlocks for the enterprise.” Mina Samaan, Partner, MMC Ventures

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