21st Apr 2020

Paul Turton, CEO of Pact Coffee, on coping with the COVID-19 crisis

MMC first invested in Pact Coffee in 2014. Since then the business has experienced ups and downs like many growing startups. In 2016 a new CEO, Paul Turton, was appointed to implement a turnaround plan. The plan worked, the business became profitable in 2017 and has remained so. And then came the COVID-19 crisis and the turnaround plan that had been working for Pact was in jeopardy.

In this interview with Forbes, CEO Paul Turton, explains how a business copes when a turnaround is rapidly followed by an unforeseen global crisis that cuts to the heart of its new business plan.

Read the full article: 'Smell The Coffee—Coping With COVID And A Company Turnaround'

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