2nd May 2018

MMC Ventures backs StorageOS in $8m series A

Today, StorageOS announced it has raised an $8 million Series A funding round. Existing investor Bain Capital Ventures led the round with participation from MMC Ventures and 645 Ventures.

StorageOS is a software-defined storage platform designed to solve the problem of running stateful applications (a program that saves client data from the activities of one session for use in the next session). StorageOS addresses the need for persistent storage (any data storage device that retains data after power to that device is shut off) with a solution that can operate on any platform. Unlike other solutions on the market that lack portability and flexibility, StorageOS delivers storage directly to the application and not to the infrastructure. This gives developers a unique and efficient way to operate that improves performance and decreases time to market for applications.

Chris Brandon, CEO at StorageOS, said, “DevOps and containers are growing at an unprecedented rate, but without persistent storage for container environments, enterprises are stuck using legacy tools and cannot adopt agile, cloud-native technology like Kubernetes, OpenShift or Docker. This funding enables StorageOS to support enterprise organisations – specifically financial services, service providers and retailers – as they seek to adopt containers in production for modern application development.”

Read more on this story via UKTN.

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