13th Dec 2022

MMC leads api.video's $12m Series A

api.video is on a mission to transform the future of video management. MMC was proud to lead its Series A round, with participation from Open Ocean, Blossom Capital, and Financiere Saint James.

Video is the most engaging and authentic digital format. Video consumption habits have shifted from fewer pieces of long-form content, watched via YouTube and Netflix – dubbed the “decade of downloads” – towards billions of short-from videos being uploaded, watched and shared across Instagram Stories, TikTok, Reels and beyond. A trend driven by the commoditisation of video production and high-broadband networks.

Businesses globally are now looking to capitalize on the power of this video-led content for all product-builders, but particularly those where video is not a core part of their operations, harnessing this power means relying on multiple third-party services. Or building expensive and time-consuming systems from scratch, using in-house teams.

api.video’s cloud-based platform removes these time, cost and complexity barriers. It replaces the convoluted video workflow system with a bespoke end-to-end solution, powered by a single API. This allows its customers – which include global names such as Bauer Media Group, Stoner Cats, BNP Paribas – to integrate high-quality, reliable and powerful video services within minutes. This means that, with api.video, developers no longer have to manage multiple APIs to handle various, specialized video processes, such as uploading and transcoding.

The team at api.video

api.video’s infrastructure USP

What’s more, api.video takes this power, reliability and accessibility a step further. As an infrastructure company, api.video also manages the bare metal servers used to run the hundreds of thousands of videos it delivers each day, ensuring developers no longer have to manage any of the back-end infrastructure associated with integrated video. They don’t have to be beholden to size, speed or storage limitations, and because api.video is dedicated to this single purpose and goal, they can offer market-leading transcoding and file access in a way that other players in this space can.

“It is exciting to see that our vision, as well as our execution to date, has attracted interest and investment from top-tier venture capital firms. This financing round will allow api.video to stay focused on providing a frictionless experience to our users and be recognized as the default video solution by small businesses and enterprises.” Cédric Montet, CEO and founder, api.video

Focused on sustainability

The funding will also enable the API-first platform to focus on more sustainable projects, allowing the business to combat the environmental impact of video and its large amounts of data storage. After crypto, video is the digital service with the most substantial carbon footprint, caused by the increasing amounts of storage needed for the large video files themselves, as well as the energy used during the transcoding, streaming and consumption stages. A recent report found that the amount of energy used by people watching YouTube has the equivalent carbon footprint of a small city.

“We are excited to lead this round for api.video, as it reflects MMC’s continued focus on enterprise infrastructure tools. ” Mina Samaan, Partner, MMC Ventures

As a deeptech investor, MMC has shown great interest in video technology as a nascent trend that will radically change how content is created in the future, offering enormous potential for investors. To learn more about MMC's portfolio, click here.

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