25th Oct 2017

MMC Ventures invests in £7m funding round for healthcare app, Echo

Echo, the UK’s leading medication management app, today announced that it has raised a £7 million Series A round of funding. White Star Capital led the round with participation from MMC Ventures, LocalGlobe, Global Founders Capital, Rocket Internet and Public.io. This investment follows a £1.8m seed round from LocalGlobe, Global Founders Capital and Rocket Internet in 2016.

Available for free on iOS, Android and via the official NHS app store, Echo works with 90% of NHS England GP surgeries and has smart reminders to alert people when to take their medication and when they are running low.

The app works with existing GP NHS England practice workflows and technology, requiring zero technological or process changes for surgeries using the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS).

In July 2017 Pfizer selected Echo to join its first cohort of health tech start-ups to be supported by the Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London. Echo is also a proud member of Tech City UK’s Upscale class of 2017.

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