20th Feb 2023

MMC backs wawa fertility

Infertility is the most widespread chronic disease for people of reproductive age. wawa fertility is on a mission to close the data gap by building the biggest database for fertility treatments.

The fertility industry is operating on a broken model, where the chance of success is low, the costs are too high for both patients and society, and patients suffer from mental health difficulties. The fundamental issue is the lack of structured data and research into women’s health.

This data gap has real implications for patients. For example, diagnosis of endometriosis, experienced by 30-40 per cent of infertile women, can take up to eight years.

To solve this problem, wawa fertility has created an app-based fertility assistant that supports women undergoing treatment, from pre-treatment to pregnancy. Through the app, patients can record their treatment, connect with like-minded women, get knowledge and answers to questions from experts and be in control of their fertility journey.

MMC participated in wawa's recent investment round.

“We have been lucky to find some forward-thinking investors that believe in us and in the importance of changing the fertility treatment model, but it has been complicated to fundraise for a product focused on women’s health. Some investors needed education and guidance on the nuances of this industry, but that only underlines the importance of the work we are doing.” Cecilie Hvidberg Jakobsen, Co-Founder, wawa fertility

The funding will be used to accelerate growth and build a tool for fertility clinics to reduce the administrative burden of clinicians and improve treatment efficacy.

“Furthering the everyday life of all women is a responsibility we all share. We are proud that the users of wawa take an active role in compiling data that has been lacking for decades, and we have a talented and dedicated team in place to deliver on the mission to close the data gap.” Feike Du, Investment Manager, MMC Ventures

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