26th Jan 2022

MMC backs PocDoc, the digital health business, focused on personal diagnostics

The digital health platform and leading personal diagnostics provider, has announced its $3.2m Seed round alongside the launch of a world-first smartphone-based test for cardiovascular disease.

We're delighted to be backing Kiran, Steve, and the PocDoc team alongside our friends at Forward Partners and angels including the founder of Ada Health and founding CEO of DoctorCareAnywhere.

The idea for PocDoc was born out of the recognition of how difficult it can be for people to get a blood test through traditional methods, which has only become harder due to the pandemic. The vision of the company is to allow anyone with a smartphone to give themselves a blood test for a range of major diseases and get results, a health assessment and guidance all within minutes, anytime, anywhere.

PocDoc estimates its technology could save the NHS millions per year from reduced staff costs, administrative savings, reduced pathology costs and improved health outcomes just for cardiovascular disease. The business is in discussions with numerous local NHS groups about piloting PocDoc tests in the coming months to support the NHS in clearing the backlog of patients needing health screening for major diseases.

“Compounded by the backlogs caused by Covid-19, the lack of access to blood tests for regular health screening is creating a ticking timebomb in public health. Cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer in the world – but unlike cancer, it is largely preventable. We believe that the key to fighting back is to increase access to testing, as early detection and ongoing monitoring improves patient outcomes. ” Steve Roest, CEO & Co-founder of PocDoc

PocDoc became a pioneer in HealthTech in 2020 by launching the first app-based Covid 19 screening service in the UK, including being the first company to trial lateral flow testing for departing international passengers via a collaboration with Edinburgh Airport. Backed by the NHS Digital Accelerator as ‘HealthTech set to transform the NHS,’ it has since gone on to secure impressive partnerships with a number of major global partners including PATH, NHS Digital and the Department of Health and Social Care.

The PocDoc tests are on track to launch in the Spring and will initially be available to healthcare distributors and businesses such as private healthcare providers, pharmacies, care workers and NHS providers, with a wider public rollout planned for later in 2022 that will enable people to test themselves at home.

You can read more on the PocDoc tests via their website.

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