15th Apr 2020

Live-in care specialist, Elder, sees a 50% rise in inquiries amid Covid-19 safety concerns

Elder is seeing a 50% rise in inquiries for its full time, in-the-home service from both families with dependent relatives and carers themselves. The hike comes amid increasing safety concerns about the residential care sector's vulnerability to the spread of coronavirus.

Founded in 2016, Elder uses bespoke technology to security vet and match the support it provides and run the logistics. The business employs more than 100 staff in cities across the UK from Edinburgh to London and it has c. 3,000 self-employed carers working in every region in the UK, save the Outer Hebrides.

MMC first invested in the business in 2016 and recently backed the team again in an £8.2 million fundraise.

Read more on this story via The Daily Express.

Elder is currently recruiting hundreds more live-in carers to support the growing demand to keep loved-ones in their own homes and to increase bed capacity in hospitals once proper social care can be provided. In this video from the BBC, Elder CEO, Peter Dowds, shares details on the kind of candidates that may wish to consider becoming a carer and sheds light on remote hiring practices. If you or someone you know might be interested in becoming a live-in career, please visit the Elder website: https://www.elder.org/become-a-carer/

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