14th Apr 2020

Hospitals using Current Health tech to monitor Coronavirus patients at home

Current Health offers the leading FDA-cleared, AI-powered patient management platform. Hospitals, including Baptist Health, an eight-hospital system operating mostly in Kentucky, are using Current Health for remote patient monitoring. The idea is to conserve space for people with severe cases of Covid-19, and to employ the AI-powered platform to make it easier to treat patients with milder symptoms in their homes.

The Current Health system employed by Baptist Health has also been used to monitor patients with other conditions, such as congestive heart failure. It includes a wearable device that is worn 24/7 to track vital signs. Data from the wearable and the tablet is transmitted to Current Health. Its machine-learning technology establishes a baseline reading for each patient, which enables the system to spot anomalies such as a decrease in oxygen levels.

MMC first invested in Current Health in 2018 and backed the team again in their most recent $11.5 million Series A funding round.

Read more on this story via The Wall Street Journal (£).

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