19th Jun 2019

Echo, the medication management app, acquired by LloydsPharmacy

Echo founder, Stephen Bourke, and CEO, Roger Hassan

MMC portfolio company, Echo has been acquired by LloydsPharmacy owner, McKesson.

Echo is a consumer healthcare application which allows users to manage their repeat drug prescriptions and adherence via a mobile app. The Echo app lets you order NHS prescriptions and get your medication delivered to your door. The app also alerts you when you need to take your medicine and when you are running low. When a new prescription is required, under your instruction Echo will send the appropriate request to your doctor and nominate a pharmacy partner on your behalf. Once approved by your GP, your medicine is dispatched by second-class post and you pay the standard NHS charge if applicable.

Echo was founded in 2015 and MMC first invested in October 2017. Dan Bailey led the deal for MMC and commented,

"Congratulations to Stephen, Roger, and the whole Echo team. It's been a privilege to be a part of the journey. Excited to see what you achieve with the business in this next chapter."

Read more on the acquisition via TechCrunch.

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