17th May 2021

Agile Analog closes $19 million funding round

MMC has backed the business again as part of a new funding round led by Omers Ventures, with support from Delin Ventures and firstminute capital.

We're excited to be backing the Agile Analog team again. This investment will allow Agile Analog to dramatically expand its technology offering and sales footprint and is an endorsement of the disruptive potential of the company’s process for generating configurable analog IP.

Driven by a mission to provide ‘Analog IP the way you want it’, Agile Analog makes it possible for ASIC or SoC manufacturers to configure analog IP to perfectly fit their application and chosen silicon process – a marked contrast with existing offerings, which require the customer to mould their chip design to fit a limited range of one-size-fits-all, standard analog IP products.

Given the recent supply chain issues in the semiconductor industry, which have affected many end users, Agile Analog’s technology is well placed to simplify balancing of supply and demand across the industry.

“This successful funding round marks the start of the next chapter: the technology and process are proven, so now it’s time to evangelise our proposition globally to SoC and ASIC manufacturers. Everyone is looking to shorten development cycles, increase integration, improve die area utilization and enhance system performance. By configuring analog IP the way the customer wants it, we can enable them to gain all these benefits. With the funding to expand our engineering and commercial teams, we can now support a greater number of customers across a wider geographical footprint.” Pete Hutton, Executive chairman, Agile Analog

The new injection of capital funding enables Agile Analog to accelerate the growth of its commercial and engineering support teams. The company has begun recruiting development engineers to be based at its Cambridge, UK headquarters and across Europe as well as expanding its teams in the U.S and Asia. Agile Analog plans to double its headcount growing to over 100 people over the next 12 months. Keep an eye on the MMC jobs board for more information.

Read more on the fundraise via UKTN and FinSMEs.

Pete Hutton, executive chairman of Agile Analog was a contributor to our piece on license-royalty models, you can read it here: Guide through license-royalty models for early-stage founders

Photo credit: Niek Doup on Unsplash

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