Designed for experienced investors who prefer to invest on a deal by deal basis in both EIS and non EIS deals


MMC Syndicate members get an advance view of MMC deals. The Syndicate is not limited to EIS qualifying investments and investors will have the opportunity to invest in MMC portfolio companies that have grown beyond EIS qualifying status. Syndicate members retain their investment discretion and are able to choose which MMC investments to make on a deal-by-deal basis.

Each investment proposal is supported by MMC’s due diligence, which is made available to Syndicate members. Through the deal process, members will also have the opportunity to hear from the company's management team.

Investors seeking managed investment may wish to consider our EIS Funds.

Syndicate structure highlights

Minimum subscription for each deal £20,000
Deployment Syndicate members can invest in as many deals as they choose
Allocation Minimum of 10% of EIS deals set aside for Syndicate members
Tax relief EIS-qualifying deals will have full EIS tax benefits
Target return Minimum 5x return on new deals

MMC backs transformative tech companies

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