Work from anywhere and pay everywhere

Remote work is not new, but the pandemic has accelerated the shift, generating what will be a permanent change in how, and where, work gets done. And this new work from anywhere movement is being embraced by multinational, micro-multinational and emerging multinational organizations as a critical talent acquisition and retention tool. Why? Because when employees can work anywhere, companies can hire anywhere. And for many companies, the digital transformation of workforce technology will be a key component of their success.

Event Date 15th Jun 2021
Event Time 16:00
Event Location Webinar
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Key takeaways – Safeguard Global

  • How to hire anywhere – which greatly expands the talent pool
  • How to pay everywhere – Paying compliantly and on time
  • Overcoming the challenges of managing the your global workforce

CSR - Studies show that well-designed CSR programs provide long-term value for shareholders through:

  • Increased sales
  • Customer loyalty
  • Employee engagement 
  • Higher productivity 
  • Less employee turnover

Central FX

There are 4 factors that define your currency risk- your “exposure” to any fluctuation in the market. Understanding these elements is crucial to understanding your currency risk and thus creating an effective strategy.

Timing – When do you need to exchange one currency for another? If you have a limited timeframe for exchange currencies, it can limit your choices to avoid currency risk.

The amount – How much are you exchanging? The more you need to exchange, the greater the potential risk and the greater the need to be correctly protected (hedged).

Margin – What’s your profit margin? The smaller your margin, the higher the need to monitor and manage your currency risk to prevent losses.

Forecasting – How accurately can you forecast? The accuracy of your forecasting will influence your currency risk strategy.

Bjorn Reynolds is the Founder and CEO of Safeguard Global. Bjorn has been at the forefront of transitioning businesses and creating successful value propositions for customers, shareholders, and employees alike. He was recognized in 2016 as Payroll Worlds ‘Top 50 Most Influential People in Payroll’ and as a ‘Game Changer’ by Workforce Magazine.

Altan Ali is the Director of Central FX, Currency Risk Management & International Payments. Altan is a corporate FX specialists, with over 15 years’ experience in the industry who can add value to your business and reduce foreign exchange risk. They specialise in International payments and FX, working with clients to build bespoke tech solutions to fit their current systems and provide automated solutions where possible.

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