The Modern Developer: Tooling for Success

Best practices, tooling, skills and strategies for successful development teams

Event Date 20th Oct 2022
Event Time 17:30
Event Location MMC Ventures, 24 High Holborn, London WC1V 6AZ
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Development teams are changing, with modern developers part of smaller teams, with more responsibilities, ownership and pressure to broaden their knowledge and skill set. Today, they need to better understand the full code delivery chain and how each part operates. At the same time the developer stack is constantly evolving, with more tools available to enable them to deliver code in shorter deployment cycles and timeframes.

These changes mean developers have so much to learn and so many tooling options to choose from that it can be difficult to know where to start. While there is no single path to follow to be successful, a consensus has emerged that offers developers a route to success.

Our event will discuss the best practices, tooling, skills and strategies that development teams should be employing to be successful. Whether you’re a developer, engineer or architect, or a senior leader in your organisation, join us on 20th October in London to learn:

  • How to think about your data architecture

  • Best practices when thinking about your cloud-native strategy

  • Tips on working cohesively as a development team

We look forward to seeing you for an evening of education and networking over some beers and pizza!


17:30 Registration

18:00 Welcome and introductions

Nitish Malhotra, MMC Ventures

18:10 Best practices for transforming stateful workloads from monoliths to container centred architectures.

18:30 Software Development With AI

18:50 Beers and pizza

19:20 Using best of breed tools in an open source ecosystem

19:40 Spotlight talk - Building killer User Modelling systems to drive personalization and retention

20:00 Networking


Ferran Arau Castell, DevOps Engineer, Ondat

Ioan Fagarasan, Engineering Leader, Snowplow

Ahmet Soormally, Head of R&D, Tyk

Daniel Svonava
, CEO, Superlinked


Ondat provides DevOps, development and technology executives with an agnostic platform to run any data service anywhere, while ensuring industry-leading levels of application performance, availability, and security.

Snowplow empowers any organisation, anywhere, to create the richest possible data asset and use it to power advanced analytics and AI/ML use cases.

Tyk is a leading cloud-native API and service management platform, featuring an API gateway, analytics, developer portal and dashboard. Tyk is designed for security-focused and compliance-driven environments and trusted in mission-critical situations where reliability and security come first.

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