Selling SaaS with Bethany Ayers

Beth will be introducing best practices for selling SaaS as companies grow, drawing upon her experience including tips and tricks for optimising sales at each stage and growing the sales team

Event Date 2nd Jun 2021
Event Time 15:30
Event Location Webinar
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What you will learn

  • How sales changes from Seed to Series B+
  • What key metrics you should focus on at each stage
  • Who should be in your sales team
  • What are the signals to expand your team
  • How do you know if someone will be any good at sales


Beth is COO of Peak AI, this is her third time scaling a start-up after working with NewVoiceMedia and Codility. Rated a top 10 sales leader in the UK, with experience in GTM strategy, scaling sales organisations, partnerships and fundraising, Beth helps high-growth SaaS businesses succeed.

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