Raising Series B: Product - How do Series B VCs make product assessments and what do they expect of the Product Management function?

As part of our series of community events at MMC, we are running a four part 'Raising a Series B' webinar series - this one is focused on Product.

Event Date 2nd Sept 2020
Event Time 16:30
Event Location Webinar

In this session we will be talking to Gaurav Kotak VP Product at Showpad and Blake Bartlett Partner at OpenView (a product lead VC) as we dive in on product, how the product management function changes as companies scale, and how all things product are assessed in fundraising processes.

Gaurav and Blake will be answering questions including:

- During fundraising, how do VCs go about making assessments on companies product?
- What expectations do investors have of the product management function and practices? How does this evolve over time and in later funding rounds?
- How do these expectations differ and what does best practice look like for product-led growth companies?
- What best practices have you learned from developing product functions in breakout software companies?

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