Raising Series B: GTM and Metrics - How are VCs assessing the GTM function and what metrics are they most focused on?

We will be running a series of webinars on four key areas of raising a Series B, including company narrative, product, GTM, metrics and talent. In each of these areas where we will be speaking with leading VCs and late stage founders.

Event Date 29th Sept 2020
Event Time 16:00
Event Location Webinar

Overview: We will be talking to Sam Baker (Scale Venture Partners) and Beth Ayers (Chief Customer Officer, Peak) who will be discussing how to build an efficient Go to Market function and assessing it's readiness to scale; both as a commercial leader or CEO looking to allocate capital, and how an investor looking in will make their judgement.

Sam and Beth will be answering questions including:

  • How to assess the maturity of GTM function and when to accelerate with capital
  • How to think through the trade-offs between aggressive growth and capital efficiency
  • Has the impact of Covid affected what investors expect in certain metrics?
  • Beyond growth, which metrics do investors pay most attention to?
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