People and Culture Masterclass: How to transition your company culture to hybrid or remote with Ally Fekaiki and Bretton Putter

As part of our series of community events at MMC, we are running an event focusing on people and company culture.

Event Date 2nd Dec 2020
Event Time 15:00
Event Location Webinar
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Session overview

Are you looking for insights on how to move to ‘the new normal,’ and keep everybody in the organisation happy?

Join founder of Juno, Ally Fekaiki, and renowned author and CEO of CultureGene, Bretton Putter, for an insightful masterclass on the 2nd December at 3pm.

Brett Putter, CEO of CultureGene, has conducted research into how successful remote work companies like Gitlab, Basecamp, Intercom, Toptal, Zapier, Buffer and Automattic operate. He’s found that there are 9 best practises that these companies focus on and distilled them into a webinar filled with insights and actionable takeaways.

What you will learn

  • Understanding how your culture has changed and what to do about it
  • Best practices on developing business processes for hybrid/remote working, documentation (transitioning from a speak first to a write first mentality) and adding the necessary structure to your business
  • Ways to adapt your communication (synchronous, asynchronous & informal), how to rethink the recruitment process and social connection
  • Actionable insights on avoiding knowledge leak/loss, developing accountability, and strengthening and embedding culture in a hybrid/remote environment.


  • Brett surveyed 165 UK start-ups to understand how they were adapting to remote work two weeks after the lockdown began and shared his findings in this article.
  • Ally’s work with Juno has uncovered a new, far more effective method of keeping staff well, which has been positively impacting start-up employees


  • Brett runs CultureGene, a company culture consultancy that has developed software to help distributed teams define, embed and manage their culture. He has worked with companies like Elliptic, Busuu, TransferGo, Committed Capital and Runway East. He published Culture Decks Decoded in 2018, Own Your Culture: How to Define, Embed and Manage your Company Culture in September 2020 and is a regular contributor to Forbes.
  • Ally is the founder of Juno. Their mission is to inspire healthier workplaces by connecting employees directly to the things they value.
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