Lessons learnt from a CTO: How to increase your productivity by using No Code tools

​Ever wondered how you can increase your productivity in some areas by using the current crop of No Code tools?

Event Date 14th Mar 2023
Event Time 08:30
Event Location Zoom
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​Join our breakfast session with Tom Godber, ex-Masabi co-founder, CTO and CPO, on Tuesday the 14th of March at 8:30am over Zoom. Tom will share what he would’ve liked to have known when he was a CTO but didn’t have the time to properly search!

Topics covered

  • ​A summary of what No Code tools are, and how they fit into the evolving development landscape alongside AI and Serverless.
  • ​What classes of work would benefit from a No Code approach and which wouldn’t, and where it is useful which are the best tools to assess in each category, and which should be ignored?
  • ​A deeper dive into the challenges of working with Bubble to build a SaaS platform, highlighting the difficulties in building long-term maintainable software in No Code, and some strategies for overcoming them.
  • ​Security challenges and how to overcome them (at least partially!).
  • ​How do the costs scale, and how do you keep them under control

Key takeaways

  • ​Will you get any return using No Code, or can you safely ignore it?
  • ​Which platforms to look at if the approach has some applicability for your business

About Tom

​Since leaving Masabi last year, Tom has worked as fractional CTO for an incubator that extensively uses No Code, whilst also building a SaaS platform from scratch in Bubble. To support the incubator he has reviewed over 50 No Code platforms in the last few months, and keeps tripping over new ones - they tend to make a lot of claims, many of which fall quite short of reality. However, for the right kinds of problem, there are some very good solutions.

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