Killer positioning for open-source startups

By working closely with open-source companies in the MMC portfolio, we noticed the conversations regularly circling back to things like category creation in the dynamic tech infrastructure and dev tools space.

​Building clarity on your product's unique values and differentiation from competition generates a killer positioning, which can result in significantly faster growth.

Event Date 9th Feb 2023
Event Time 18:00
Event Location MMC Ventures, 24 High Holborn
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​​Join us for a live panel with Emily Omier and Eddie May to discuss:

  • ​What is unique about positioning for open-source startups,
  • ​How to identify and isolate your distinctive values,
  • ​How to determine your market category and clearly communicate your unique point of view.

​The panel discussion will be followed by networking with engineering leaders and open-source enthusiasts. Drinks on us!🍾

About the panelists:

  • ​Emily is positioning consultant for open-source startups. She also writes about entrepreneurship for engineers for The New Stack and hosts The Business of Open Source, a podcast about building open source companies.
  • ​Eddie is the Head of Community at Snowplow where he builds and executes strategies to grow and develop their open-source community.
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