How to make hybrid working, work!

With the world of work changed forever, what does it mean for the future of the office? What do employers need to consider as the nation moves out of lockdown and what practical steps should be taken as many companies pivot to a hybrid model of work?

Event Date 13th Apr 2021
Event Time 15:00
Event Location Webinar
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During this session, Sarah Sen will cover:

1. The paradox of the office – it was intended to bring us closer together but now it keeps us apart. Where are we now and what lessons have we learnt from COVID-19?

2. The purpose of your office – questions to ask yourself about the purpose of your office post C-19.

3. Hybrid working and culture – The pros and cons of hybrid and remote working and the impact it has on your culture.

4. Top Tips – what to consider as you start to bring colleagues back to the office.

Sarah Sen - Sen HR Consulting

Sarah is an award winning Certified Agile HR consultant with over 2 decades of HR experience. Sarah partners with start-ups/scale-ups to provide simple, effective HR solutions throughout the entire employment journey. Sarah gives you time back to grow your business and can provide a full suite of HR services at any stage of your growth. Whether you are looking to pivot to new ways of working post Covid-19, develop your company culture or improve employee engagement, Sarah can help you harness the power of your people, increase productivity and create a great place to work.

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