From founder-led culture to employee-driven culture

We are running a masterclass focused on company culture on the 23rd March at 11am. The session will be run by Nico Blier-Silvestri. Nico is CEO and Founder of Platypus, the company that makes company culture easy to understand, measurable and actionable, so that you can make smarter decisions on hiring and growing your team.

Event Date 23rd Mar 2021
Event Time 11:00
Event Location Webinar

Nico was the former Chief People Officer at Revolut, Head of Recruitment at Unity, Director of TA at Peakon and Trustpilot. Nico's experience has taught him that company culture is at the core of every step of an employee journey, from attraction to management, to retention. He believes that culture is democratic. All employees have an impact on the culture of an organisation, bringing their personal values as cultural drivers. Company culture is not defined by top-down values but by everyday actions.

Nico will be hosting an interactive session with our portfolio. He will support with key lesson learnt, missteps to avoid and answer your key questions.

Some of the questions being covered will be:

Who should own company culture?
How do you make sure it is retained as the company scales?
What are the biggest misunderstandings around company culture?

More about Platypus and Nico:

Platypus was started with the goal of bringing a more data-driven approach to establishing “cultural fit” in the recruitment process. It turned out to become a tool for so much more than this.

They named their company after one of the most extraordinary animals on the planet – the platypus, for a reason. Only in the right environment can the platypus come into existence, develop and thrive. They strongly believe that this also holds true for everyone who is joining a new organization. And so, they set themselves on the mission to help organizations understand their culture better and make sure every employee, whether current or future, has the opportunity to prosper.

Originally from France, Nico is now based in Copenhagen since 2012 after living on 3 different continents. He is the father of 4 and the husband of Danish/Italian Wonderwoman. Living in a home that is a bit of a tower of Babel with 4 languages being spoken on a daily basis. He finds his zen when he cooks, builds Lego, practices rugby, or plays Civilization!

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