How R&D Tax Credits Can Fuel Your Business Growth

Join Mike Baker from EmpowerRD for a session exploring Research and Development Tax Credits and how this government scheme can provide your business with a non-dilutive injection of capital. Designed to reward innovation, R&D Tax Credits have helped fuel the growth of UK businesses for over 20 years. EmpowerRD is one of four trusted advisors on HMRC’s R&D Consultative Committee and advises government on policy in this space.

Event Date 5th May 2021
Event Time 12:00
Event Location Webinar
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This webinar will highlight the common mistakes made by businesses claiming R&D tax credits, and how to avoid them to optimise future claims. We will also cover recent changes to the scheme and how these will now affect the claims process. This year, HMRC has increased claim scrutiny and random enquiries in a bid to tighten scheme adherence, so we will cover how to ensure your claim process is smooth.

Event Agenda:

● Introductions
● About the scheme
● Choosing an advisor
● Recent scheme changes
● Q&A

About the Speaker:

Mike Baker is responsible for driving Business Development at EmpowerRD and has advised hundreds of companies on their R&D claims potential, guiding them to making the best choices for their businesses. Mike has worked with companies ranging in size from early-stage startups to series C+ and listed businesses.

About EmpowerRD:

EmpowerRD was founded with the belief that too much government funding was being taken by inefficient advisors who weren’t incentivised to lower their cut. We are an innovator, for innovators — using advanced technology to reduce the cost and improve the validity of claiming for Research & Development tax credits. Our industry-leading advisors, machine-learning technology and unique comparator methodology enables micro, SME and large companies to optimise the value of their R&D tax relief to fuel their growth.

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