Corporate 101 Surgery: early stage planning for scaling up

Scaling up from Series A can be a vital part to the future success of your business. The business has received its first milestone funding, its growing both internally and externally, and a founder’s bandwidth will be stretched more than ever. The highest legal risk areas during this period are likely those which the management team don’t know they don’t know. Often, the business is not even aware of a legal problem until it becomes a problem. Typically, and unfortunately, that is commonly during due diligence on the next fundraising round, when lawyers pour all over the dataroom, asking pedantic questions about transactions that took place historically.

Event Date 30th Mar 2021
Event Time 15:00
Event Location Webinar

Sometimes these technical issues amount to nothing, and sometimes they can become value adjustment items. But they are all easily avoidable, once you know what to watch out for.

With that in mind, we have teamed up with global law firm CMS, to host a Corporate 101 Surgery on 30th March 3-4pm.

Please join Partner Tom Jameson, from CMS’ Transaction team, to discuss:

  • what matters, in his view, often fall within the “don’t know” category;
  • practical tips to avoid these common pitfalls; and
  • more importantly, how to get them right.

The session is intended to be practical and an opportunity to ask any questions, no matter how complex or not as the case may be.

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