Becoming a B Corporation

As part of our series of community events at MMC, we are running an event focusing on becoming a B Corporation.

Event Date 5th Nov 2020
Event Time 15:00
Event Location Webinar
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Session overview

The B Corp movement has been receiving a lot of coverage recently. These are companies which want to actively balance purpose and profit and have become certified members of the B Corp movement, demonstrating their consideration of the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. MMC has just become a B Corp and would like to share our learnings.

Specific areas that we will touch on include

  • What B Corp is
  • Why you should consider becoming a B Corp
  • When is the right time to start thinking about it

What you will learn

Becoming a certified B Corp can be overwhelming, so we would like to simplify the process for by ensuring you know...

  • How to get buy in from your team
  • How to approach becoming a B Corp
  • Key areas you should already have underway before starting the process
  • Key areas you can improve if you decide that becoming a B Corp isn't right at the moment

Who should attend?

It could be helpful to you if...

  • You want to find out more generally about the B Corp movement
  • Management teams who want to learn what is involved in the process
  • Operations teams who are about to start or thinking about starting the process


Victoria Ferguson, MMC Partner and General Counsel, who successfully ran the B Corp process for MMC. Day-to-day, Victoria manages the legal side for all investment processes, exits and everything that happens in between within the portfolio as well as also looks after the legal aspects of MMC's business and funds.

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